Why Choose Us?

We are open all year round and cater for all age groups. Trampolining is a healthy and fun activity that everyone enjoys, no matter their age. The event is simple to run, and easy to organise and hassle free
You receive a great return with up to 50% of the entry fee donated back to the school, sports group or other fundraising effort.
To allow us to support the community group with their fundraising efforts, bookings are limited to session times and dates which are traditionally less busy, such as Saturday and Sunday afternoons and weekdays.

Fundraising options

Ongoing – Have a promotion for a set period of time, up to 3 months in length. A minimum of 100 entries are required and can be made at any time during the fundraising period.
Sessions – Have a one-off group fundraiser with a minimum of 70 guests for one hour or multiple hourly sessions for larger groups.

Our Contribution to you

Receive up to 50% return on any full price one hour entry. To get the most benefit from your fundraising effort, the minimum group size is 70. Based on the minimum number of 70 guests, we will ensure the entire session is booked for the fundraiser only. All final payments are based on the actual number of guests attending on the day.


If this sounds like something you’d like to do, download the fundraising document or email [email protected] with an indication of dates and times and approximate numbers. We suggest to allow at least 2 months before the Fundraiser commences to start advertising and give yourself the best chance of gaining maximum interest and subsequent ticket sales.